Medical tourism in India is a wonderful option for people seeking affordable hair transplant overseas. This is because of highly affordable hair transplant cost in India, excellent medical facilities and world recognised expertise of Indian surgeons; and India as an amazing tourism destination.

Hair transplant in India is one of the most popular procedures among medical tourists. Thousands of people from across the world choose to get their hair transplant in India. Not only because the hair transplant cost in India is much affordable as compared to western countries; there is just no compromise on the quality of treatment when you choose Hair Transplant in India. You also get to see an amazing country and witness the colours and vibrancy of the largest democracy in the world.

Cosmo Care and Hair clinic is one of the most renowned medical tourism clinics in the world offering hair transplant in India in association with few of the best hair transplant specialists in India.


Hair transplantation, FUE (follicular unit extraction), is a minor surgical procedure. Hair from regions of the scalp, that normally never go bald, is transferred or redistributed into areas on the scalp of permanent hair loss or thinning.

Mild sedation is used and the patient is fully aware and can converse with the surgical team during the procedure. The procedure itself can take around 8 hours depending on the amount of grafts required to fill the affected area. The amount of follicles transferred may vary depending on the patient.

This can change due to the patients hair type and severity of balding or thinning. The surgical team will work with the patient to produce the best design for the most balanced and natural look.

Package Details

  • Physician First Examination
  • Hair transplantation by FUE method
  • All medications for treatment
  • Post-procedure health check by doctor.
  • 24/7 host and support
  • Same Day Procedure Facility
  • Pre-procedure blood Tests (HIV, Hepatitis B, and C)


  • 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • 4 or 5 Star Hospital Nearby Hotels (Bed + Breakfast included)
  • All transfers airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hotel-airport
  • Local sightseeing
  • Sightseeing to various nearby by tourist destinations depending on the client schedule

Other (Post-operative Use)

  • Head Band
  • Hat
  • Neck Pillow
  • 1 Shampoo + 1 Foam Spray
  • Medicines; Antibiotics, Painkiller, Ointment, Anti-swelling

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the treatment take?
The Treatment time will vary on each patient depending on the required amount of grafts. The treatment will generally last between 4-8 hours.

Will it be noticeable to others that I have had a hair transplant?
If the hair transplant is carried out using the proper technique and design it will definitely not be noticeable to anyone. This is one of the most important reasons why the hair transplant need to be carried out by a skilled and experienced team of surgeons.

Will the transplanted hair fall out again?
The hair that is transplanted during the treatment will fall out in the first few months. This is a normal part of the growth cycle and new hair will grow from the follicle after this has happened. Due to potential further hair loss your doctor may recommend medication to stop any future hair loss from other areas.

Can I go out after the procedure?
yes. Medically there is nothing stopping you from going out.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?
The hair transplant is performed under local anaesthesia. You will be responsive and awake but will not feel any pain or discomfort.

Can I wash my hair after the treatment?
Yes, 3 days after the treatment you will be able to wash your hair.

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